Whether it's the foundation of your business, optimisation of existing structures or forward thinking when it comes to tax planning or future issues: we are here for you and will support you with over 20 years of expertise. Through representation before public authorities and support in tax audits we are a strong partner in your dealings with the tax office, social security funds and many other government agencies.

We work digitally, at the most modern level! Upload your documents conveniently with just a few clicks via our client portal BMD.Com and we will collate them on a monthly or quarterly basis in an intelligible form so that you, your bank, the tax office or investors can use them in a way that makes sense. Bookkeeping is not a boring muddle of numbers. The figures will show you the recent success of your business so that you can make the right decisions for the future.

Preparation of interim or annual financial statements is what it all boils down to. The final figures of a business year serve as important information to shareholders, must be disclosed to the Business Register Court for interested parties and provide the basis for business analysis. Alternatively, we can provide simplified cash-based accounting for you.

We process your monthly payroll accounting competently and without red tape, carry out registration, deregistration and changes in registration details for your employees within the given time period, provide advice on salary structuring measures and answer any questions relating to employment law thanks to our many years of cooperation with Ms. Kristina Silberbauer, a lawyer who specialises in that field of law. We are also on hand for payroll tax audits.

Whether it's advance VAT returns throughout the year, Recapitulative Statements, value added tax, corporate income tax or annual personal income tax returns, profit distribution reports, registration fees for lease contracts, applications for grants, and many other reports: in all of these cases multi-page tax return forms must be submitted to the authorities within the prescribed period of time. To ensure that you avoid charges for late payment or late filing, we will remind you of all of the deadlines in good time.

It may seem that there are many hurdles on the first few steps towards self-employment. It begins with the question of finding the optimal legal structure (sole proprietorship or really a limited liability company?), then continues towards the concept of submitting applications for funding, and ends with creating a business plan and negotiations with your bank. The legal requirements for foundation, such as registration with the trade authority, social security fund or the tax office all become important topics. We will gladly advise you on all of these details and will help you to find the right path towards a successful future right from the very start. This way, you can concentrate on your daily work.